Thursday, March 18, 2021

Saved Searches and Flight Coloring

Do you ever find yourself doing the same search over and over?  Want to highlight your flight reviews or IPCs to make them easy to spot in a printout?

MyFlightbook allows you to name a search (aka "query") for future use.  It's pretty simple to use.  To give a search a name, use the drop-arrow next to the search box:

Just type in a name, and when you click "Find Matching Flights", you will not only see the results of the search, but the search will have been saved in your account as well.

The image above is from the website, but it's the same basic idea on the mobile apps; you can give it a name on the bottom of the screen where you fill in the search form.

Previously created queries are listed below the edit box where you type the name:

Click on the name of the search to apply it, or click the red "X" to delete it.  

You can update an existing saved query by simply re-using its name with a new search.

This can be super handy for common searches.  Each year at tax time, for example, I want to know about my angel flights from the previous year (that's the query that's shown above).

Flight Coloring

Saved searches are a nice power feature, but where they get really powerful is when you combine them with a relatively new feature: Flight Coloring.

Flight coloring allows you to specify a background color to use in the logbook display for flights that match a saved search that you have created.

Flight Coloring is a two step process: first, save the search with a name.  Then, go to Preferences (under the Profile menu)

You'll see all of your saved searches there; next to it, you'll see a sample area.  Click that and you can choose a background color (pale colors work best), or click "Remove Color" to remove the color.  

Your logbook will then display matching flights using the color you've selected:

You can even choose to have these flights highlighted in the print layout - this can be useful, for example, if you are going for a job interview and want to make it easy to find finds that are significant to demonstrate experience or training.

More Tips about Searching on MyFlightbook

MyFlightbook has a very rich and powerful set of search options.  You can learn more in the FAQ.

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