Saturday, September 5, 2020

Google Photos integration

Some of the coolest feature ideas come from users.  Today I'm launching one such feature: Google Photos integration.  The idea is pretty simple: pull from your Google Photos collection any images/videos from the date of your flight.

The UI is a little rough (particularly since Google has been giving me the runaround on permission to use their logo on the site), but here's basically how it works:

You can set up integration with Google Photos in Profile->Preferences->Sharing.  You click to enable it, and this will take you to Google Photos, where you'll sign in if needed and approve permission for MyFlightbook to pull images. Once you grant permission, you'll be redirected back to MyFlightbook.  Note that you can revoke this permission at any time. 

Once you’ve done this, you get a little red download arrow next to the “drop files here” space on the flight editing screen:


When you click this, MyFlightbook will fetch thumbnails of images/videos from the date of the flight (as entered in the date box on the flight editing screen.)

It fetches in batches; you can click to fetch more (see the circled area below)


Each thumbnail has a green plus sign above and to its right.  Click on that to import the full-resolution image/video to your flight.  Google strips any location geotags from the image, but if your flight has appropriate telemetry attached, then I use that to interpolate add a geotag to the image again.

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