Friday, March 6, 2020

Early March Updates

I haven't posted updates here in a while, but I have been making updates to the site. Mostly small changes, but one big one that I'm releasing in "Beta" form, which means you'll need to type in a specific URL to get it.

The big one: today I've launched, in beta, a "flight checker." It's in beta, so you need to type in URL's directly to use this.

If you go to, you can scan your logbook for common issues that are not errors per se, but are either minor consistency issues, failures to follow best practices, or other minor things. These are grouped into categories (simulator issues, IFR issues, time issues, airport/route issues, etc.) but can help with "debugging" your data and ensuring that i's are dotted and t's are crossed.

You can also use this to check a flight in real-time before entering it - add "lint=1" to the URL of the new flight page (either "?lint=1" if there isn't already a "?" in the URL, or "&lint=1" if there is) and you'll see a green checkmark in the lower right corner that you can click to see any potential issues in the flight before you submit it.  E.g., if you go to'll see this:

If you click the checkmark, it will give you immediate feedback on the flight you're trying to enter.

Please give me feedback on this.  I'm particularly interested in the following:
  • Are there bugs in my checks?
  • Are there checks I should be doing but am not doing?
  • Are there checks that I'm doing but which are actually valid and should have a way to turn off?

The small stuff:
  • SFAR 73 now (should) properly use a 1- or 2-year flight review computation based on your flying experience.
  • You can now add a flight directly to your pending flights (e.g., if you want to finish it later, or if it's a planned flight that you haven't yet flown). This is in the drop-menu next to the "Add Flight" button:
  • If you have multiple criteria in a search, there's a "clear all" criteria to remove all of the criteria with a single click
  • In the raw data report for flight analysis, I now strip out any column that has all zero values, reducing clutter for flying that you've never done.
  • If you search for flights that contain a true/false property (e.g., "Charity Flight"), the resulting totals should now include an item telling you how many flights had the property. (This had previously been missing because you can't exactly sum up true/false properties).


  1. Very cool, and THANK YOU, Eric!

    I’m almost afraid to go scan my logbook! 😂

  2. Thanks for doing this! Much appreciated. One thing I noticed is that occasionally airport identifiers change. I have several flights in my logbook (which includes 30+ years of flights) for airport 3LC, which was later changed to AAA. You are properly flagging the 3LC flights as not valid today. But - I'm torn between changing the code to AAA or leaving it as 3LC (the way it was on the day of the flight). Anyway - just some feedback.

    I do wonder if there could be a way to note when you last ran the check.....and have subsequent checks only run on new/updated logbook entries unless 'entire logbook' is checked or something like that?

    Thanks again for all the great work on this. I've turned quite a few of my flying friends into MyFlightBook believers!

    1. Why not add 3LC to the database as a synonym for (K)AAA? The beauty of a logbook is that it's OK to have expired codes.

      I like the idea of having an option to only review flights that you've added since a given time, though you want to make that explicit, since you might otherwise want to come back and pick up cleaning where you left off...