Friday, June 1, 2018


One of the fun things about an electronic logbook is that it provides an opportunity to do analysis that is difficult or impossible to do with paper logbooks.  Of course, there's the usual compliance-oriented reporting, but many of us fly for fun, so why not inject some fun into our logbooks as well?

MyFlightbook awards badges for achieving flying milestones, such as accumulating a certain number of hours of a particular sort of flying, or hitting various training milestones, or ...., well, or what? 

I'm often asked for a full list of what badges are available.  While the code is open source so anybody can look at it, I generally decline to provide an answer.  I think the fun of it is precisely in stumbling across achievements that you hadn't even thought about.  The idea is to model this after video games when shooting the 1,000th bad guy or otherwise demonstrating some new skill or achievement earns you a medal or a new weapon or new spell-casting ability or somesuch.

As I think of new badges, I add them (and I'm always open to suggestions). 

So I suggest people simply fly and see what badges they earn!

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